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Ardmore Park Neighborhood Association - Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the annual dues, and how can I pay them?
A: Dues for a single family homeowner are $60 per year*, and dues for an individual condominium owner are $40 per year*. You can pay online via PayPal (with a 3.5% convenience charge).  Click here  to go to a web page that will handle the transaction. You may also pay by check; please make checks payable to Ardmore Park Neighborhood Association and mail to David Strowd at 1830 Ardmore Road / Atlanta, GA 30309.

Dues for a condominium association must be paid by check; association dues cover all units in the development and are $25/unit.

*The APNA Board voted for a slight increase in dues for 2015. 

Q: When is trash picked up?
A: Starting March 3, 2008 - Trash, Recycling and Lawn Waste will be picked up on MONDAY.  Please have your carts out early!  Recycling and lawn debris are picked up every week.

Q: Our street is filled with folks parking in 'no parking' zones - what do I do?
A: ParkAtlanta enforces parking in our neighborhood.  Their number is 888-266-1360.  Tell them the street where the problem is, and they will make a pass through the neighborhood.  Please do not park on the street in violation of parking restrictions as others may assume it's OK to do likewise.
     You can get a ticket if you:
                park on or touching the sidewalk
                park in the wrong direction
                park in violation of posted signs - the city requires only 1 (one) sign per street face
                block a driveway.
Further information can be found in the neighborhood directory.  Also, further information is below.

Q:  How do I contact the neighborhood security patrol?
A:  The private security officer (an off-duty Atlanta Policeman) can be reached directly at 404/224-3321.  Please note that the neighborhood security is paid for voluntarily by neighbors.  A $150 donation is requested for those in a house, and $80 for those in apartments or condos.  The more we get, the more hours we can have patrolled.

Q: The creek stinks and/or is discolored
A: Call Georgia Department of Natural Resources - 24 hour hotline is 800-241-4113
We all want to keep our creeks clean, some people think dumping is OK, and we need to stop that.  Do not hesitate to report pollution!!!

Q: What is the parking situation in the neighborhood?

A: The answer is not short.

Here are some common items about which everyone needs to be aware.

 1)  The parking signs posted on the street are the rule.  The signs are for everyone, not just visitors. There are currently no provisions for exceptions. The signs are good for an entire 'street face', and although some no parking signs have been posted in error (on Ardmore), unfortunately, they can be enforced.  The neighborhood association is working hard to get those signs on Ardmore removed, but working with the city on issues where someone made a mistake is exceedingly difficult.

 2) Don't park near a stop sign.  Georgia codes require one park at least 30 feet from stop signs. This is a safety issue since when the street is obstructed, turning traffic often cannot maneuver to avoid side street traffic. Such accidents can be very serious (cars slamming into the side of other cars), and people can get severely injured.  Please don't park there, and please don't let visitors park in those locations.

3) Don't park near a fire hydrant.  The allowable parking distance from a fire hydrant is 15 feet. This is a serious safety issue. Cars have been regularly observed parking (especially during the evenings) next to the fire hydrant across 28th Street from Uncle Julio's.  Hopefully the fire department does not need that hydrant when the restaurants in the area are crowded.

4)  Don't park against the flow of traffic.  This is parking on the 'other side' of the street from your direction of traffic.  Although this seems innocent, it is still illegal.

5) Don't park on the sidewalk - the fine is somewhere between $100 and $200. This includes the strip between the curb and the sidewalk/i, which is considered by the city as sidewalk. Parking there is illegal, and violates Georgia statutes. ParkAtlanta currently does not actively enforce this on existing parking pads installed years ago (there are about 4 in the neighborhood), but that could easily change if they were accused of selective enforcement.  ParkAtlanta will not always be the enforcer of parking regulations in the neighborhood once their contract with the city runs out.  There are no guarantees this courtesy will continue once another entity enforces parking.  Remember, that strip of land belongs to the city, and is part of their right-of-way.  Cars parked on that landscaping strip are unsightly, and make the neighborhood look more like the 'hood'.  The strip (about 7 feet in from the curb on all properties in the neighborhood) is city property. If you have doubt on this, please check the survey of your property that was supplied when you purchased your home.  Besides being unsightly, adding a parking pad is a code violation which can be anonymously reported by anyone.  Code enforcement will require the strip to be returned to its original condition.

6) Don't park blocking driveways - this will get you towed.  ;Nuff said.

7) Changing Parking Restrictions - There are currently only three available parking situations:  Open Parking, No Parking, and Permit Parking.  The restricted parking that exists on many of our streets (as in 'No Parking 8AM-6PM') is grandfathered in since those were established many years before current parking regulations.  It takes 70% of the properties (not individuals) facing a street to change the parking signage.  If a grandfathered street is changed, it cannot revert to the previous situation if the residents don't like the result.  Permit parking (as on Wycliff) is fine, but one has to get permits each year, and anyone can park on the street for up to 2 hours.  Permit parking is far better than unrestricted parking, but not as good for residents as restricted parking hours. (For those that were not here, Wycliff used to be totally unrestricted parking, and was constantly clogged with parkers looking to avoid hospital parking fees.)

The Neighborhood Association asked ParkAtlanta to enforce parking in the city since parking issues do not exactly fall into a high priority status with the police department.  Often, the police are busy with other issues, and parking citations understandably do not get the attention that far more serious crimes warrant.  That being said, if people park illegally in the neighborhood, it gives the entire area an aura of non-enforcement, which can be a green flag to criminals wanting to operate in our neighborhood.  It is an indication that police don't come here much, and enforcement is lax.  That is NOT the kind of environment that keeps the area a great place to live.  It takes vigilance on everyone's part to keep up the neighborhood appearance to minimize criminal activity.  It is also much easier to spot suspicious situations if the neighborhood is not full of illegally parked cars.

ParkAtlanta dispatch numbers are:
with the alternate number: