Ardmore Park



Ardmore Park Neighborhood Association - Atlanta, GA


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Additional Resources

For neighbors who want email addresses at, please contact the webmaster who can set one up for you.  Only neighbors who have paid their dues are eligible for this access.  Technical support will be limited.

Unless you want to be listed on many spam lists, it is not recommended you place your regular address on this page.  If you have a good spam filter, that shouldn't really matter, but there are drawbacks to having an address on a public page.

If you wish to set up a mail account on our page, you can either read the mail via an email browser, or have any mail forwarded to your 'regular' mail account.  If you have the mail forwarded, you will occasionally need to log into your email account directly to clean out messages, as it keeps a copy of all mail.  There is a limit of 250 messages per email address in the storage files.