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Ardmore Park Neighborhood Association - Atlanta, GA

About Ardmore Park

Ardmore Park is a residential neighborhood located on the south side of Buckhead in Atlanta, GA.  It consists of some apartments, condominiums, and houses, in an tree canopied environment that creates a park-like atmosphere.

We are located almost completely between Collier Rd and 28th street, Peachtree Rd and Ardmore Rd.  An area of about 4 square blocks.

Our neighborhood has access to one of the nicest parks in the City of Atlanta.  It is small, but contains a great playground, walking trail, and direct access to Tanyard Creek Park on the other side of the railroad trestle.  The Beltline trail goes through our park, and will continue under the trestle to eventually connect with Atlanta Memorial park in the very near future.

The neighborhood was built in the late 1940's on the site of the home of Andrew Jackson Collier.  The entire neighborhood exists in the area  between the Union and Confederate lines during the Battle of Peachtree Creek.

Additional Information

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